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Guang Zhou Geao Polymer Materials Co., Ltd is an energic steady developing company. It deals in 3 type of chemical:
Shoe finishing chemical;
Leather finishing chemical;
Leather/shoes care products.
The company integrate the trading, product development and manufacturing in a body. The target customers are the distributors of shoes and leather finishing chemical market. Our products especially for leather / shoes care and maintanence product export to Australia, Germany, England, Denmark, Chech, India, Thailand, Pakistan and so on.

The company's products are both specialty and comprehensive. Our development team is composed from the study abroad return specialist, leather engineer bachelor degree holder and leather chemical chemist, have the extremely high research and development ability.

The company's product quality has the guarantee stably. We pay great attention to the quality and the good faith. Most of the product raw materials are imported from USA and Europe to ensure the product quality and stability.
The company's service is personalization. Thanks to the powerful support from our product development team, we can develop the new product according to the customer needs. So long as you have the need, we can achieve diligently.
Our vision
Humanist, takes the environmental protection, becomes well-known brand which the leathers and shoeschemical industry market most may trust.
Our mission
Improves the quality continually. By using the imported raw material and new technology, we provide the ultra value and high quality product for the leathers and shoes chemical industry market.
Our value
Integrity,Quality Assurance,Profit Sharing
Our Slogan
Geao, make leather more special
Dear Sir/Madam,
Our company is professional manufacturer of Shoe finishing chemical, Leather finishing chemical, Leather/shoes care products.
Thanks for visiting our website, if you were intrested in our products, please dont hesitate to contact us by email or calling our hotline: 400-960-5-950. Look farward te our muti-benifit cooperation chance in near future.
Guangzhou Geao polymer material Co., Ltd.Cleaner Wipes factory